Business Rates

rates-recoveryBusiness rates represent one of the biggest property costs in the UK.  Historically they were the second highest outgoing after rent however nowadays businesses can often pay more in business rates than they do in rent.  All businesses have a right of appeal against the rates they pay and it is vital that this potential cost saving is investigated in every case.  Where appeals are successful, substantial savings can be achieved resulting in both large refunds as well as reduced future bills.

In addition to challenging the amount of rates being paid, there are also other avenues for reducing your rates bills. These can relate to restructuring rates bills to secure various government reliefs as well as pursuing temporary reductions for issues such as disturbance caused by nearby building works or a reduction in trade due to increased competition in an area.

The key to securing the biggest possible rates savings is ensuring you receive high quality expert advice.  At Smith Bellerby we partner with the UK’s leading business rates specialist who secures over £200,000 in savings every week.  Our experts will work with you on a no win no fee basis and you can be confident that you will achieve the largest saving in the shortest possible time.

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