With the increasingly volatile energy markets, fluctuating prices and unpredictability of supply, energy users are facing a number of challenges. With 15 years’ experience in energy procurement and supply management, we’re well placed to ensure that our clients are managing their energy efficiently.

The advent of smart meters has led to a huge increase in the volume of energy data being produced, not always as accurate as might be expected. Our data management systems ensure that data errors are corrected and that data is presented to clients in an easily interpreted format.

There is a need to protect energy users from miss-selling and unethical practices in the energy industry. We have a history of working closely with Ofgem during consultations prior to new regulation, and a number of our recommendations have already been adopted.

Our energy bureau service helps clients to ensure that they only pay accurate bills, they comply with all current and future regulations (CRC EES, ESOS), and they have accurate data upon which to base their energy reduction schemes.