Cost Reduction Services

Energy Bureau Service

With the increasingly volatile energy markets, fluctuating prices and unpredictability of supply, energy users are facing a number of challenges. With 15 years’ experience in energy procurement and supply management, we’re well placed to ensure that our clients are managing their energy efficiently through a diverse range of cost reduction services.

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Water tends to be the forgotten utility, with limited opportunities for procurement savings, bills tend to be passed for payment without proper scrutiny. However, there are numerous opportunities for cost savings.

The plethora of water companies and tariff structures means that there are many opportunities for cost saving through tariff optimisation. A thorough understanding of our clients’ portfolios, coupled with our water industry knowledge means that our clients pay just for the services they have used, and gain maximum advantage from rebates and allowances.

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There is a trend within the telecommunications industry, both fixed line and mobile, for pricing to fall. We’ve seen fixed line prices halve over the last two years, and mobile pricing drop as a result of European regulation of roaming charges. Our analysts are well placed to ensure that our clients enjoy the best prices available, capitalise on emerging technologies, and ensure the highest levels of security.

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Other Services

We work closely with a select group of trusted partners to provide services which our clients have indicated they find useful. Each of our partners share our values and are recognised as leading specialists in their respective fields:

  • Business Rates – the key to securing the biggest possible rates savings is ensuring you receive high quality expert advice. At Smith Bellerby we partner with the UK’s leading business rates specialist who secures over £200,000 in savings every week. Our experts will work with you on a no win no fee basis and you can be confident that you will achieve the largest saving in the shortest possible time.
  • Foreign Exchange – for any business, maximising profitability is essential. When that business has to engage in foreign exchange, whether to meet import/export costs, manage a foreign payroll, pay a mortgage or invest in overseas assets, monitoring that bottom line becomes a bit trickier. However, with the help of a reputable currency broker your business could save anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of Pounds on its foreign currency transfers.