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The Complete Guide to Energy Management: Strategy, Implementation and Practice

Authors: Jenny Smith and Bradley Agnew
Published: February 2015

Fundamental to the successful running of any organisation is the ability to ensure that you are managing your costs effectively, and reducing any unnecessary expenditure.

If you’re looking for opportunities to reduce your operating costs, then look no further. In this white paper, we are going to show you how you can minimise your energy costs and manage your energy contracts more efficiently.

The advice in this white paper is based upon our 15 years’ experience in reducing the operating costs of leading organisations across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Using the strategies in this guide, we’ve saved our clients over £7 million and counting.

Understanding 4G LTE for Business

Author: Bradley Agnew
Published: May 2015

As workforces becoming increasingly mobile and organisations continue to demand greater communication and collaboration between employees, the business environment is applying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) increasingly broadly. This evolution in business communications depends upon significant development of mobile communications technology.

4G LTE (‘Fourth Generation – Long-Term Evolution’) represents the latest development in data technology for cellular networks, delivering technical performance improvements that translate to practical advantages over previous generations, offering organisations an excellent opportunity to improve organisational performance and gain a substantial competitive advantage.

In this paper, we outline the practical benefits that emerging technologies such as 4G LTE can deliver for UK organisations, including the best applications of 4G LTE, and how organisations can utilise these
technologies to improve their performance.