Improving utility management for a leading property management consultancy

GBR Phoenix Beard

The Client

GBR Phoenix Beard is a full-service, independent property consultancy with offices in Birmingham, London and Leeds. Their clients range from large institutional investors through to property companies, developers and occupiers across the UK.

The Challenge

GBRPB have a complex, dynamic portfolio of properties and energy supplies. They were looking for a responsive, proactive partner, with a “can do” attitude, who would refresh their energy procurement and energy management processes to deliver even better value for their clients.

Neil Anderson<br />

Neil Anderson

We are delighted to have found Smith Bellerby. They have brought some much-needed clarity and structure to the world of utility management, and our clients have seen significant savings as a result.
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Why Smith Bellerby?

We have extensive experience of working with complex organisations which tend to have complex utility management issues. With the support of the Directors and Property Managers at GBRPB, we have re-organised the company’s energy tendering processes. These are now more structured and streamlined, allowing GBRPB to improve market responsiveness, maximise buying power and source highly cost-effective energy supply contracts for their clients.

We have subsequently extended our service to cover bill validation and provision of recharge data, working with GBRPB’s finance team to implement consolidated and electronic invoicing processes. We also provide bespoke project management for new connections, disconnections, supply moves and changes. This frees up valuable time for property administrators and facilities managers. Work is now well underway on an energy & carbon management portal, provided by digitalenergy, which will change the way in which GBRPB monitor & report energy usage for their clients. It provides a single repository for building data, energy contract information, energy charges, meter reads and energy usage profiles which are then available 24/7 across the organisation.