Smith Bellerby Celebrates ‘Easy to Do Business With’ Award from Biffa

Cost reduction specialists at Smith Bellerby, the UK’s leading cost management consultancy, are celebrating this week after taking home yet another award recognising their unique and diligent approach to client relationships.

The Newport-based cost reduction consultancy triumphed in a new awards scheme staged by the industry-leading waste management company Biffa to recognise its most committed suppliers.

The Business Update and Recognition of Excellence Awards was staged at the Hilton Northampton where Biffa honoured supporters of its core values and strategic business plans.

Smith Bellerby took home the ‘Easy to Do Business With’ award after maximising energy efficiency and driving down operating costs at various Biffa landfill sites, waste processing plants and offices across the country, saving the company a significant six figure sum using Smith Bellerby’s proven cost reduction process.

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A Biffa spokesman said: “We were keen to reward those businesses that show commitment to our long terms goals. One of these is making our business easy to work with.

“Through driving unnecessary costs out of the operation, Biffa has more to invest in the bottom line and continue to grow the business.

“Smith Bellerby has brought process excellence to the operation and during 2015 expanded traditional validation operations into new and challenging areas, helping to deliver six-figure benefits.”

Founded in 1999, Smith Bellerby partners with large, complex organisations to reduce their operating costs and has attracted clients such as Biffa, EasyJet, and a diverse portfolio of public sector organisations including a number of local authorities nationwide.

Through the company’s unique partnership approach and proven cost reduction process, which involves scrutinising every pound spent on energy and water, it has saved clients more than £7 million and still counting.


Cost Reduction Specialists of the Year (UK)

awardThe Biffa award comes hot on the heels of being recognised as the UK’s leading ‘Cost Reduction Specialist’ by corporate finance magazine, Acquisition International, for a second year running.

Steve Bellerby, Managing Director of the consultancy, said: “To win an award for the work you do not once but three times is such an honour and testament to our painstaking efforts to ensure companies, large and small, save money on their operation costs.

“Working with Biffa over the past five years has been especially rewarding because you know by reducing its operating costs you also support its grant-giving schemes to local communities up and down the country.

“Over the years that saving has run into hundreds of thousands and we’re still counting!”

Smith Bellerby, which employs five people at its Abbey Court offices in Newport, is also celebrating adding a new client to its portfolio – Epping Forest District Council.


Announcing the Launch of Stripey Pig

new-business-launched-by-pair-behind-money-saving-specialistsIn September Steve and Jenny announced the launch of a sister company, Stripey Pig, a bold and innovative telecommunications supplier which helps simplify and reduce telecommunications costs for small businesses across the UK.

Steve Bellerby, Managing Director of Stripey Pig, said: “We started small and after 16 years we wanted to give back to the local business community and create an offering for small firms trying to reduce overheads.

“Too often they can fall into the trap of paying too much for their mobile phones and the dealers don’t help with overly complex tariffs and hidden charges.”

He added: “When challenged, there is usually a lot of meaningless jargon bandied about, before they resort to the old chestnut ‘it was covered in the contract that you agreed to.’”

“I’ve seen how having one point of contact for all the voice and data communication issues, all billed on a single monthly invoice, can simplify and save money for larger companies.

“Now small businesses can benefit from this expertise. Every pound we save them will add to increased profitability, growth and more local jobs.”

Stripey Pig will run alongside Smith Bellerby from offices in Abbey Court, Newport offering telephone and broadband through trusted network partners. If you’d like to learn more about Stripey Pig, please visit the Stripey Pig website.