What we do

We partner with our clients to achieve significant cost savings and sustainable profit improvements.

We provide a comprehensive service covering ALL aspects of utility and telecommunications service management. We liaise with all your utilities suppliers to ensure that queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of cost reduction techniques combined with meticulous attention to detail has enabled our clients to achieve tangible benefits year-on-year.

Recognised for high level technical expertise and the ability to resolve issues related to the management of operational costs, we provide technical advice in the areas below to enable clients to understand and manage their telecommunications and utilities more efficiently and effectively:


  • Landline telecommunications
  • Mobile voice and data
  • Email-on-the-move
  • Communication systems and maintenance
  • Converged voice and data communications


  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Energy monitoring and target setting
  • Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Display Energy Certification (DECs)


  • Water usage and waste water management
  • Water leakage prevention

We also improve administration efficiency and free up your in-house resources by:

  • Interpreting utility invoices and ensuring accuracy at all times
  • Providing invoices in preferred formats for clients
  • Coding invoices to relevant cost centres (if required)
  • Creating bespoke management reports that can be aligned to standard formats
  • Utilising electronic distribution
  • Reducing the need for paper copies
  • Providing your utility information via web portal