Cost Reduction Process

We have developed and successfully implemented a five step cost reduction process that is at the heart of our service offering. Our unique methodology is based on over 15 years’ experience in helping our clients achieve major cost savings and profit improvements.

One of the key features of this process is flexibility; markets constantly change and for this reason we regularly re-evaluate our recommendations. This continuous evaluation guarantees that clients always receive the best value for money and only the highest levels of service.

Our proven cost reduction process ensures that we are well-placed to offer the most appropriate solutions to our clients’ ever changing needs.

  1. In-depth audit of current expenditure
  2. Data and market analysis/tendering (compliant with client’s process, model and standing orders for purchasing)
  3. Presentation of final report detailing our findings and recommendations
  4. Implementation of all agreed recommendations
  5. Ongoing monitoring, query management and implementation of improved administrative procedures