Water tends to be the forgotten utility, with limited opportunities for procurement savings, bills tend to be passed for payment without proper scrutiny. However, there are numerous opportunities for cost savings.

The plethora of water companies and tariff structures means that there are many opportunities for cost saving through tariff optimisation. A thorough understanding of our clients’ portfolios, coupled with our water industry knowledge means that clients pay just for the services they’ve used, and gain maximum advantage from rebates and allowances.

Organisations with sites which are geographically spread throughout the UK suffer from fragmented billing in non-standard formats, poor customer service and high transaction costs. We are able to provide consolidated billing within regions and across the UK when the industry deregulates in 2017.

Detailed analysis of our clients’ water bills allows us to benchmark their usage against best practice data and hence identify high consumption sites. Data logging and site visits allow us to pinpoint areas of waste resulting in major cost savings.

In 2017 the Government plans to deregulate the water industry in England. For the first time, all non-domestic customers in England will be able to choose who supplies their water and waste water. The current regional monopolies will disappear, and be replaced by a competitive market. This will result in lower charges and improve customer service.

However, in order to take advantage of this, clients will need to be prepared. Our structured approach to procurement, developed during the deregulation of the energy market, will ensure that our clients are best placed to reap the rewards.